Welcome to our new home!
Written by Ernest Baca   
Thursday, 22 June 2006


 Welcome to the new home of Linux-Forensics.com, Putercops.org and the Penguin Sleuth Project!

I would like to welcome you to our new home.  I have decided to consolidate my projects to make it easier on everybody.  My goals here are to offer a platform of communication to the Computer Forensics Examiner, Computer Security Specialist, Law Enforcement, and people interested in the feilds.  I have provided forums, a chat room along with other resources in the past through my other websites so I thought why not consolidate.  I will be starting off new but still offering the same services along with a new Penguin Sleuth Kit which is a virtual computer forensics and security platform.  The bootable CD will still be available for download.  There will be seperate sections for both the Bootable CD and Virtual Platform.  Each section contains links for downloading.  At present the links for downloading the New Penguin Sleuth Kit can be found in the forums section.

I ask that you be patient with the next month as I will be trying to bring this website up to speed and also releasing my new Penguin Sleuth Kit.  If you notice something missing from the old sites, I assure you that it will become available soon.

Stay tuned for more things to come!!!!  I encourage you to start participating in the chat and forums now.....It's the comunity that makes the website, not the website that makes the community!

I will be posting FAQ's to explain a little better the directions of this project so stay tuned! 

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