I am proud to introduce the new Penguin Sleuth Kit!  This is the initial release and is only available for download through a Bit Torrent Link provided by Visit forums for details.


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Confusion over this new website and new project PDF Print E-mail
Written by Ernest Baca   
Wednesday, 21 June 2006

I would like to take this opportunity to clear up some confusions on the new website. Many of you will notice that,, and all resolve to the same website. Many of you who have not visited the sites in a while will probably get confused. Many of the features of the old sites seem to be missing. I assure you that all features will be back up soon as I am working hard at re-organizing my project along with the first release of the new Penguin Sleuth Kit Project. I have also gotten several emails as to how to download the original Penguin Sleuth Kit CD. If you visit the Penguin Sleuth Kit CD section from the main menu, you will find links to the CD and manual written by Aurther Bowker. I am still working on the new Penguin Sleuth Kit Virtual Platform section so in the meantime you can visit the forums section for download links. For those wishing to purchase either one you can find it from the merchendise section. I have not made the new Penguin Sleuth kit available yet through the store. I will be soon though. Also, be aware that this is a content management portal which makes it easier for me to manage.

I have broken all my services down in to sections including the latest computer forensics and computer security news. This site is not only a content site, but also an interactive community for communications. I have provided chat rooms, forums and soon a wiki for Penguin Sleuth Kit how-to's. Also, please be aware that the new Penguin Sleuth Kit is not a Bootable CD but a virtual computer platform for computer forensics, incident response and pen testing. I am entertaining the possiblity of creating a newer version of the bootable CD based on the new Penguin Sleuth Kit. I will be placing tools on the new Penguin Sleuth Kit that will enable you to create bootable CD's of your own. With a little help of a how-to and your virtual platform you will be able to create your own and I will probably create a new one to replace the old one.

Remeber though that I am it. I am the meat and bones of this project. I often get many e-mails from frustrated people asking all sorts of questions. I am sorry if I can not respond to every one as I actually have a normal job that pays the bills and please take in to consideration that these services are totally free and financed by my normal job. My normal job at the moment also takes up a lot of my time being as I have moved to a higher position within my agency. I truelly belive in the community approach to helping each other out. I have provided all the tools to do that so please don't hesitate to post your questions on the forums and please don't hesitate to answer questions from other users.

This site is built on the concept of helping each other out. Best of all it's free!!! We even have free hotmail type accounts with cybercop domains. Please don't hesitate to sign up for one! IT'S FREE!!!! All I ask is that you bear with me! At times it seems like I have dissapeared and at times will be able to answer any questions you ask. I do have a regular job and a family that at present has demanded a lot of my attention.

I believe in making the Cybercop community better through communications and new ideas! Like I said earlier the community is what makes the name not me.......I encourage everyone to participate regardless of level...I would also like to thank those that through the times have helped me with this project and supported it on every level from the begining and throuout the project, even at times when I wasn't around due to personal issues. Even if it ment answering questions others had. It is them that have made this project stay alive not me.......You all the heros here!!!! Thanks I couldn't have done it without you!!!!!

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